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Meet Jim

Jim Davis is the only candidate for Congress who’s proven he’ll help President Trump protect our Conservative Mountain Values.

Jim helped Republicans take control of the North Carolina Senate for the first time in over a century, flipping a longtime Democratic seat. In the Senate, Jim was on the front lines of North Carolina’s conservative comeback – standing up to political correctness, securing traditional conservative family values, protecting our constitutional rights, keeping taxes and spending low, and creating new jobs – all despite liberal Democrats spending millions of dollars to beat him.

Jim has always looked out for Western North Carolina and made sure we got a fair shake in Raleigh. He delivered funding for our schools, helped attract new businesses to our region, and improved our infrastructure.

Before 2010, Jim was a Macon County Commissioner. On Jim’s watch, the county had one of the lowest local tax rates in the entire state.

Jim lives with his wife of 47 years in Franklin, where he’s been a practicing orthodontist for over 40 years.


Jim Davis is the only candidate for Congress who has:

  • Voted to protect the unborn and defund Planned Parenthood
  • Cracked down on sanctuary cities
  • Earned an “A” rating from the NRA for voting to protect the Second Amendment
  • Cut taxes on every Western North Carolina family
  • Passed new laws to combat the opioid drug crisis

In Congress, we can count on Jim to:

  • Support President Trump’s America First agenda and defend the Trump tax cuts
  • Defend the Unborn
  • Safeguard the Second Amendment
  • Protect our Religious Freedom and God-given, Constitutional rights
  • Cut wasteful spending and reduce the national debt
  • Stand up to political correctness, stop liberals from taking our guns and greasy cheeseburgers